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Bournemouth was formerly deserted land that only fishermen and smugglers frequented. The town was then elevated into a health resort and later became famous when the English railway line finally passed through the town. Located in the coastal region of South England, Bournemouth has the best climate for a holiday vacation.

As Coach Hire Bournemouth, we highly recommend our coach tours packages to help you get around the city. We provide affordable minibus hire in Bournemouth, complete with a trained driver to take you to all the best tourist spots on this South Coast town. We will take you to all the beautiful buildings inspired by Victoria architecture, and to the beautiful gardens and exciting events that make Bournemouth worth the visit.

Things to Do in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a reserved centre for tourism, entertainment, leisure and rich cultural education.

Religious Town

Throughout the Victorian era, Bournemouth was christened with numerous religious denominations with churches all over the city. Today a few of them have managed to stand the test of time since the 18th century; notable ones being St. Peters Church, St. Stephens Church, and St. Clements’ Church. St. Peter’s gets a special highlight because of its iconic spire that rises 62m into the air.

Bournemouth Aviation Museum

Just next to the Bournemouth Airport is this interesting aviation museum. You can even make it your first point of interest once our Bournemouth coach hire driver picks you and your family or friends. There are plenty of planes and plane parts on display—from full aircrafts, to cockpits and aero engines. You will have an up close and candid with the Wessex Helicopter, Piston Provost, The Meteor, Viscount, The Hunter or the Canberra. Some of these planes date way back to the mid 10th century, when World War 2 was picking.

The Piers

The coastal town is lucky to have two piers, one close to the town and another far off. Bournemouth Pier was the first to be built, in 1856, and was merely a wood jetty construction. The original wood pier got replaced by an even longer one and this time reinforced by an iron frame. The second pier, Boscombe Pier, was designed much later, 1889, by Archibald Smith. It was longer than the first one; over 600 feet which was later on extended to 750 feet. A boomerang shaped shop was added in later years, and still stands to date. Our Bournemouth coach hire driver is more than willing to take you to both piers on your request.

An Artsy Town

Bournemouth thrives on entertainment and part of it is the many art events and exhibitions held in the town. There are plenty of theatres as well, whose designs you will love and the interior decor with a true Victorian Inspiration. If there is one theatre to visit while in Bournemouth, the Pavilion Theatre should be it; the art deco design theme is quite catchy, highlighted by the Corinthian columns on the front part. You can also be lucky and catch a play or music concert happening in the theatre.

Adventure Wonderland

Do you have young ones on board your entourage? The Adventure Wonderland would be a special pit stop. This is a family theme park designed to entertain kids of up to 12 years. There is plenty of thrilling fun at the park—from wild water wind ups to funny cartoon character impersonators. Make sure to be there for the Home of Halloween Party; your kids will love you for it!

The Nightlife

A big percentage of Bournemouth’s population comprise of the youth because of the many higher learning institutions in the area. Thus the area thrives with lots of bars, night clubs, fast food joints and classy restaurants all clustered within the central business district. The city was even voted as the happiest place to be in UK, so you are in for some mad fun once the clock hits past the 6pm mark.

Upcoming Events

  • Home of Halloween (24th Oct-1st November 2015)
  • Monster Bash (31st October 2015)
  • Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Lighthouse Poole (1st Jan- 13th Jan 2016)
  • LOL Comedy Club, Pavilion Theatre Ballroom (15th Jan 2016)
  • Jason Derulo Concert (1st Feb 2016)
  • Classic Rock Show (6th Feb 2016)
  • Dynamo Show (10th Feb-14th Feb 2016)

Why Choose Us

We as Couch Hire Bournemouth want you to enjoy all the nice ties this coastal town has to offer. There are plenty of areas to visit and we can make it all possible through our minibus hire in Bournemouth packages. Because we like to be prompt to your needs, we have a ready online customer care team on our website; they are eager to receive your call and explain all our coach tour packages.

Bournemouth is a beautiful city with plenty of attractions and nostalgic concerts to attend. We provide an affordable minibus that ensures you all travel conveniently as a group.